Sunday, September 21, 2008

Episode 6: The Birthday Episode

Episode 6: On my Birthday SOAPBOX: Apple Innovation

  • Still innovative?
  • Compared to RIM certainly but needs to step up
  • Lots of tech that still needs reimagining
  • Star Trek Apple Data Pad anyone??
DRM Gone Wild
  • iTunes and Nike+ Patent
  • Spore limits accounts to one per CD KEY
  • EA and Red Alert 3 - I'm not buying
AROUND THE NET: Wireless Communication in Football Helmet (EDIT: Winnipeg, not Edmonton) Queens University in Belfast offering Jedi courses
  • Feel the Force: How to Train in the Jedi Way
  • Do you want your doctor to have on his resume that he's a certified Jedi Knight?
  • Pop Culture collision
  • The full sci-fi story isn't even complete or agreed upon and you teach it??
  • University of Calgary offering Virus writting class - same thing?
New Microsoft Ads
  • Seinfeld ads made no sense but at least got the conversation going
  • New "I'm A PC" ads are directly targeted, at least that's something
  • Could learn a bit from beer commercials - public responds to humor - WOW! That's new!
Ensemble Studios Closing
  • Confirmed closing after Halo Wars
  • Age of Empires was one of my favorite RTS games, better than Starcraft in the Fun Factor
  • Console RTS can't succeed unless keyboard and mouse support are implemented - if they do, I can almost guarantee that I will be a couch jockey for life!
  • Endwar will be a testament for alternative control schemes and if they are viable
IMPRESSIONISTIC: Blackberry 8220 Released:
  • WiFi and GPS
  • Bigger but nicer to type on
  • Suretype is back and better than 2G pearl
  • Competition not against Apple but for the young teens who wants fast texting
iPhone 2.1 Firmware
  • This really should have been the one that it shipped with
  • 3G performance is MUCH better
  • switches to EDGE if low signal without losing your call
  • backups are fast, 15 minutes down to 3 minutes
  • SMS Keyboard lag slightly improved - I didn't have that problem much to begin with
  • Battery life is improved - 50% left after a day of normal 3G use compared to 20% before
  • Genius feature is fun and easy - except on any Alicia Keys songs

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