Monday, September 22, 2008

[UPDATED] Spoke Too Soon

So after my glowing review of the genius that is Apple and their 2.1 firmware for the iPhone, I had a catastrophic error this morning.  I fully charged my phone, like every other night, and this morning woke up to a full battery bar.  Nothing was amiss, right?  By the time I arrived at work, after using the phone’s iPod function for about 15 minutes, my battery was at 60%.  This was shocking and I wrote it off to a faulty charge connector last night.  As the day went on and my phone sat idle on my desk, the battery continued to drain and by the time noon rolled around, I’m at 20% battery life!  My usage meter says that I had 4H25M of usage and 5H15M of standby since last full charge.  What in the hell is 4H25M of usage from??  I didn’t even use the internet or RSS or email functions in all that time!  From checking around the interwebs, it looks like there are numerous others experiencing a dramatic drop in battery life after 2.1.  But so far not many that had great battery life and then just died like mine.  There are a few fixes that I can do to try and aleavate this, one of which is a complete reinstall of the firmware again (this will be my 4th restore).  I’m hoping that will be the last thing I do and that I can fix it by turning off push.  The only thing I can think of that has changed since my battery started to act funny was that I loaded the app “Feeds” and “Galcon Full” (upgraded from Lite) and that perhaps Feeds uses the push functionality and that maybe where the data usage was coming from.  I have since turned off push so we’ll have to see if my usage is nuts still.  I’ll update this tonight and see if anything has changed.

Update Sept 23: I unfortunately had to clean install 2.1 on my iphone, wiping all my settings and stored information.  Luckily my contacts, email, and calendar were synced to Outlook and I was able to recover that stuff.  So far this morning it's been acting normal.  It's been reporting the correct amount of active VS. standby time.  I'll have to see if it holds out until the end of the day.  I turned off Push and dialed back the sync times to 30m for mail and 1H for Feeds.  I also stoped the syncing from my company email system (which is not exchange, just IMAP) so that may have helped.  Price of being an early adopter I guess.

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