Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Episode 5: Underachieving with Style!

SoapBox T400 and Why I didn't get it for review:

  • Men and women are instinctually different
  • Main difference when it comes to tech is the man's need for "Upgrades"
  • Women don't understand the need for upgraded toys since you can't really upgrade a purse, you just buy a new one
The Underachiever's Manifesto
  • Hilarious satire on the status of our working North American society today
  • "Good Enough is Good Enough"
  • Very funny and applicable read, check it out here on
Around The Net Apple September 9th Announcement Google Chrome
  • Fun and "google-esq" but not going to replace my main browser anytime soon
  • Large resource footprint
  • Download and try here
EA/Crytek/Nvidia/Ultra PC Custom PC
  • Interesting concept, a gaming PC capable of running Crysis at 30 FPS for under $700USD
  • No word on what OS this ships with
  • Specs are here
Spore DRM Crisis...again
  • Reviews are firebombed on Amazon and other online retailers
  • DRM issue is installation limits, how does EA define a "computer"
  • Hardware changes are taken into account for "new" computer installs
  • You can see a more detailed article here on Tom's
Impressionistic Force Unleashed Demo
  • Fun times and really makes you feel like a powerful Jedi
  • Has the potential of being a Dynasty Warrior clone if not done correctly
  • Breaks download record with over 1 million downloads
  • Hope that this isn't another Too Human where the demo was better than the game
  • Fun but a bit light on deep content in terms of gameplay
  • Lots of other games do the parts better but Spore does the god sim the best
  • Very deep creature creation
TV Series: BONES
  • CSI meets Hardy Boys
  • Great cast chemistry
  • Takes a bit of getting used to and doesn't really pick up until half way through season 1
  • Currently going into Season 4 and I'm only half way done season 2
" Hey, love the podcast and your blog is interesting. Just wondering what you specifically didn't like about Too Human since you spoke about it a bit last week. Keep up the good work. Thanks."
Thanks for the Email KYJELLY, I won't judge your name! I did have enjoyable moments with Too Human but if I were to pin point a few things I didn't like, it would have to be:
  • The story was very convoluted and lofty without having any substance. It had some very interesting potential but overall, as a standalone game (I know it's supposed to be a trilogy but so was Shemue) it just didn't cut it.
  • The gameplay was too similar to titles such as Dynasty Warriors. There was no real consequence to death, your enemies kept scaling to you, and if you had a dedicated button to "equip best" this game would have been easier than Lego Starwars.
Thanks for your emails and readership, remember to leave an itunes review if you can! Until next time!

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