Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oh the weather outside is....Nice??

So some of you know I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We're not really famous for much except for the Stampede, 1989 Stanley Cup winners, and the 1988 Winter Olympics, and the wicked chinooks that blows down from the Rocky's. Well this month, it had hit -45 degrees Celsius all the way back up to 7 degrees Celsius. Needless to say, my head is killing me. But it sure is nice to be wearing shorts in the middle of February. While I was starting to writing this draft (work is brutal this month, I'm writing these over a few weeks), I have purchased, and returned, a number of things. I recently got a new desk for the home office. Excellent set up and looks professional. But this proved to be a bit of a problem since I can no longer have my Logitech Z5500 set up in the optimal positions. With that note, I also recently upgraded my HT setup to a Denon AVR-788, so my old crappy Yamaha HTIB was sitting in the basement collecting dust. So I sold my Z5500 for $100 more than what I paid (YES!) and set up my Yamaha as my main PC sound system. Great choice since it's basically the Z5500 with more inputs. Takes up a bit more space and doesn't look as great but I didn't have to pay anything :) With the money from the Z5500, I got myself a Viewsonic Optiquest Q241wb 24" Widescreen monitor! Man does this thing blow all my previous monitors out of the water! Color is bright and accurate without calibration, awesome screen real estate, and decent 5ms for games. Simply can't complain, and I got it for only $50 more than what I originally paid for my 2240W gaming panel. Next time, I'll touch on the status of my WoW revival.

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