Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lost for 24

Ok, I’m 3 years behind the times.  But to be fair, I did give the show a chance when it debut in 2005. 


I am of course speaking about the show, Lost, that airs regularly on ABC.


My co-workers and friends have all raved about the “mysteries” of this show and gossiped about what may happen.  I just found the premise very surreal.  Crash landing on a deserted island while trying to survive didn’t seem like a multiple season show.  However, I was recently able to come by a steal on the Blu-Ray version of the complete third season.  Seeing how I can’t really sell it and the deal was amazing (I paid $26 Canadian for the complete, sealed, legit set), I decided to rent the first season and watch.  First of all, two words: Evangeline Lilly. 


SIDE NOTE: My wife and I have a pretty open relationship so, very similar to that Friend’s episode where Ross has a “list” of celebrities he’s allowed to sleep with; we have a list of Hot Celebrities (not a sleeping list, but just an attraction list).  After Lost, Evangeline Lilly is definitely is going on that list.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that she’s an Albertan as well!


Ok, back on topic.  I’m on episode 15 of season 1 and I am officially addicted to this show!  My wife’s cousin said it best when she said this about Alias, “This show makes no logical sense and the situations are so outrageous that they are unbelievable.  Yet somehow you still believe they could happen.”  Seeing how J.J. Abrams also created Lost, the similarities in outrageous situations are certainly there.  The mysteries keep me tuned in after every episode and the flashbacks are very interesting.  With a possibility of 48 characters, that’s a lot of material for back stories.


The beautiful thing about watching shows on DVD is:


  1. You have no commercials.
  2. You can go as fast or as slow as you like.
  3. And you can watch regardless if the writers are on strike.


Which is why I’m actually happy Battlestar Galatica, and 24 are not being released right now.  So here’s to hoping that they release season 1 and 2 on Blu-ray soon because I hate to double dip (which is another rant for another time).

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