Saturday, October 4, 2008

Episode 7: Epoxy This!

Podcast Episode 7 Show Notes:


  • Stupid winter tires
  • Global Economy and effect on the home front
    • Construction industry taking a real hit
    • Spending will be low this year
    • It’s not confidence in market since it’s not about investments, it’s protecting your own hide, if analysts are wrong, they aren’t going to be paying your mortgage
  • Changing Careers
    • Stats say you change careers 3-4 times in your life now
    • Contemplating a 4 day work week
    • What I learned while I was off for 6 weeks

Around the Net:

  • Warhammer release
    • Beta experience
  • Robber gets away on an inner tube
    • Uses craigslist to enlist 14 people to serve as decoy
    • Smart thieves and institutional drones (police)
    • How to encourage innovation: a place like google VS. MS
  • Spore/EA gets sued
    • DRM again at the forefront
    • Mass Effect had it, why I still played it
  • Android gets released
    • T-Mobile exclusive
    • Engadget video – lagging screen
    • Open source VS. Apple
  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic announced
    • Will ship with one year free music from nokia store
    • Looks to be the very first direct competitor to iphone
    • Good to see manufactures are standing up to apple and not trying to just clone
  • Grand opening of first Calgary Apple Store
    • First 1000 people gets a free T-shirt
    • Apple as a lifestyle
    • Dec 8 release in Japan
    • 2009 in North America
    • Do we really need another?
    • Old school protection against modders
    • Ballsy move - impressed with Nintendo


  • Force Unleashed
    • Easy as pie
    • Unlimited health - dynasty warriors with stormtroopers - less deep
    • Good story though - better than Clone Wars
  • Heroes Season Premier
    • Too many stories lines
    • Had to rewatch the last 2 seasons to even remember what the hell happened
    • I hate that they don't use their powers properly
  • Knight Rider 2008
    • So bad it’s good?
    • It takes itself too seriously, tries too hard
    • So far, 2 episodes of fan service only
  • Smallville
    • Messing up the Superman mythos
    • doomsday in title credits but doesn't show up

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