Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ikeagamer: Episode 1 The Phantom Business

Ok, podcast episode 1 is live. You can subscribe to it over on the right or you can play it in the embedded player. iTunes will have this podcast up in the next few days. As promised, here is the link to that Mazda 3 crash test in which it received a 4 star rating. MGS4 bundle with the 80GB PS3 will be unboxed this week and I'll post up some impressions of MGS4 as well. I'm going to try and play through MGS2 before jumping to 4 and probably will be skipping 3 all together. As for what the BWM 128i is, you can visit the official BMW site to take a look and I'll post some pictures of the new car this week as well. Thanks everyone for visiting and if you have any suggestions for the podcast, please email to:

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