Monday, May 5, 2008

Iron Man was made of Gold!

I saw Iron Man this weekend, along with half the city as evident from the lack of a seat in the theater. I had to drive 45 minutes across the city to find a more secluded theater so my buddies and I could sit in peace.

The theater was filled with kids but the parents were well mannered and taught them to be quiet during a movie. This is encouraging to see since teenagers these days are too into themselves even as compared to when I was one.

As for the movie, it was everything I hoped it was, the only down fall was that there wasn’t enough of the movie! It clocked in at close to 2 hours (I don’t know the exact time, wore out my stop watch timing GTA!) and the cast was excellent. Only problem I had was with Terrence Howard. I have never seen him in a movie before and have not heard him speak either. The first time on screen that he did speak, I almost busted out laughing because I was expecting more Sam Jackson and less Rocky and Bullwinkle. No disrespected meant but it was just surprising. However his acting was top notch and set up some interesting plot lines for the inevitable sequel. If you didn’t stay until the end of the credits, go back and pay your $15 to see it again and stay, well worth it for the comic book geeks.

The CG was very well done, the pacing was spot on. There was enough action there to satisfy the young and old. The director didn’t try to hide many of the “adult” natured themes but did some clever shots to hide the more promiscuous parts. Gwenyth Paltrow was great in her return but I though her character was a little too much a “blond” than first portrayed (which was more of a tougher Pepper Potts). But it worked nonetheless.

A job well done from Marvel Studios and paves the way for a studio controlled set of movies. Both guys and gals should have fun at this. Downey Jr. gives credibility to the role and Paltrow is pleasant on the eyes without sacrificing the acting quotient. I was happy that it didn’t turn out to be a Fantastic Four disaster.

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