Monday, April 7, 2008

Whoa! Someone is wrong on the Internet!

Say, here’s a revelation, I’m pretty new to all this blogging and internet posting bit! Shocking isn’t it. Obviously there are those that have grown up posting on BBS and writing in web journals before there were blogs. I’m not one of those people.

This is my second attempt at up keeping a blog. My first was a personal blog post that was private and was more of an online journal than anything. That sort of died into the internet recycle bin after I started to work. Now, The Ikea Gamer is completely and unapologetically a digital soap box for me. Just refer to one of my first posts about Halo 3, the “feedback” I received from that piece was not fit for public viewing!

Being an opinionated person is good. It means that you know what you want and you are not afraid to voice it. Women in general like that in a man, someone who’s confident without being a bigot or chauvinist. Of course, my wife doesn’t read this blog. Not because I hide it from her but it’s because she thinks blogs are time wasters. She would much rather read a novel by an accredited writer or “someone with talent”. What can you say to that but “thanks honey”! HAHA!

Of course she jokes but she does have a point. If this is my digital soap box, then I should really be able to voice my opinion without prejudice. This leads me to the problem at hand; dealing with others that seem to disagree with you completely. If you have had any real mileage on the information super highway you know whom I’m talking about. This group of people, they are usually younger and immature in life (but don’t always have to be), will argue with you only to end arguments with a jest or personal attack. These people love to argue for the sake of arguing and not for a resolution. My issue is that I can’t seem to ignore these people as well as others may on the internet. I post regularly on other forums and have been for some time. Recently, there has been an influx of the previously mentioned people posting. Like myself, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and started a debate on the issue at hand. After a lengthy exchange, and researched evidence on my end, the other person simply just said, “There was too much work put into that post, whatever.” Obviously I was flabbergasted! All that work and not even an educated response.

So the moral of the story is that there is absolutely no point in having an internet argument. I don’t know these people from strangers on the street so any particular out come is non-consequential. Which is why I’m announcing a retirement of sorts. I’m nearing a post count of 2000 on this particular site. I will post sparingly from now on, only posting either questions I can’t answer myself or information necessary to obtain those answers. There will be no more sharing, debating, or discussion on these forums. I’m quite done with those sites. In fact, I will be updating the blog a bit more frequently not that there is more time.

Like a good comedian, I have to do things I don’t like and talk to the odd people in order to obtain material. So in this case, I will still read those threads of interest as it give good material for The Ikea Gamer. Until next time, peace.

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